Homes For the Elderly Trust (HFET)

HFET was established in 1999 with the following objectives

  • To build homes for senior citizens who are unable to spend their old age with their families
  • To provide welfare for the old and needy
  • To provide medical care for the elderly
  • To provide relief in accidents and in natural disasters


On his spiritual journey, Pujya Bapu observed that the Indian society was going through changes similar to the Western countries. The joint family system was giving way to nuclear units which outcast senior citizens. Some of these senior citizens were facing challenging situations when they were outcast especially when their health was failing and the time when they needed affection, care and self dignity most. Wealthy elders living in towns and cities could find a residential home to take care of them. But those living in villages were in a pitiful situation and in many instances were living miserable lives sometimes on their own.

  • Radhaba Sanyas Ashram in Mendarda caring for about 50 senior citizens.

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  • Kailash Dham Ashram in Gandhinagar caring for 100 senior citizens.

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  • Prayag Ashram in Gupt Prayag caring for 50 senior citizens.

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  • Chaparda Vrudh Ashram in Chaparda caring for 100 senior citizens.

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In all the homes, senior citizens can live comfortably and with dignity in their last stage of life. Each home has its own dairy farm and the surrounding areas have been developed with lots of fruit trees, flowers and plants into beautiful, green pleasant places where elders can live happily. The residents receive three home cooked hot meals a day with tea and snacks in between, all their medication are looked after and if they need personal care, that as well is taken care of. These homes are free of charge for the residents and are supported by local and overseas donors. A donation of Rps 3000 a month (Rps 36000 a year) can help to care for 1 elderly person’s needs like – food, clothes, medicine, other minor expenses etc.

Management of the homes

In each of the homes, the rules and regulations are maintained according to policies agreed for each home. All are run on a free basis – no fees are collected from the residents and they are cared for fully from boarding, clothes, medicine and any other expenses are born by the trust. Residents of Chaparda home are more fortunate as some of the visitors from the ashram give them gifts, food and occasionally take them on a holiday or a short trip nearby.
All the homes have their dedicated manager and staff and each home is funded by supporters who have some kind of connection to that area or home.

Another commendable project that takes place under this trust is supplying food kits which are prepared monthly and distributed to about 200 needy senior citizens in nearby villages of Visavadar. In the food kits, following essential food stuff is supplied: oil, sugar, salt, flour, tea, lentils, rice etc.

Visitor write up / experience

A report by Sandhya Pandya
On my recent visit to Charparda, I was fortunate enough to call on the part of the Ashram where old people, who have nobody to look after them, were housed. My mother visits the Chaparda Ashram every year and knows the old people there and as such I was able to talk with them about their lives and experiences and under what circumstances they made the decision to come and live in a Vrudh Ashram. One thing was made obvious – that they were not wanted by their so-called ‘families’. They were a ‘surplus’ to their own family unit i.e. husband, wife and children. These same children had family units of their own and their remaining parent was a ‘relation’ not a family member. The wind that is blowing in the west has reached our mother land where parents are extra people within the family that require time, patience and money – rather taxing on all accounts!
At the Ashram they are housed, clothed, fed and given dignity so that they do not feel that they are living on charity. So far at every Ashram that has been founded by Bapu, there is a place for Vrudh Ashram. These Ashrams are financed by donations, mainly from overseas well-wishers.
I have known Pujya Muktanandji Bapu for the last 10 years and am constantly surprised at his patience and nonjudgmental attitude towards people’s frailties of mind and body. His attitude is totally mind over matter and nothing is impossible – do what you can but do not do it with expectations of reward or recognition because invariably you will not get it.
Sandhya Pandya, a mother of 2 girls, lives In the UK and visits Chaparda whenever she gets free time from her busy working life.