Job Prospects

Job Prospects

ANM Salary potential: INR 3,00,000 to INR 8,00,000 lac p.a.

ANM Job positions: Clinical Nurse Specialist, Legal Nurse Consultant, Forensic Nursing, Madam, In-charge & Helper, Teacher & Junior Lecturer, Travelling Nurse, Receptionist & Entry Operator, Brand Representative & Hyper, Sale-purchase Assistant, Emergency Room Nurse & Midwife Nurse, among others.
Employment areas: Medical Colleges, Medical Content Writing, Community Healthcare Centres, Nursing Homes, Self-Clinic, Medical Labs, etc.

Clinical Nurse Specialist – Clinical Nurse Specialists work in doctor’s facilities, hospitals, clinics, medical centres, and other healthcare centres. They are typically specialists in a particular territory, for example, gerontology, cardiovascular health, or public policy.

Legal Nurse Consultant – Legal Nurse Consultants are registered nurse attendants who offer medical data to legal entities and experts about relevant cases. The expert counsel of such professionals may constitute arranging medical care, surveying medical records, or preparing reports and outlines about the ailing.

Forensic Nurse – Nurses perform duties that are significantly more specific than nurses commonly perform. They perform an assortment of roles, including assessing and caring for victims of assault, child and adult abuse, domestic abuse, neglect, and sexual crimes. As they treat casualties, forensic nurses gather and secure evidence.

Travelling Nurse – Travelling Nurse is a healthcare professional who helps constantly sick or homebound patients or helps in medical offices with staffing deficiencies. Some travel nurses move between hospitals, schools, and clinics too.