Dairy Farms

Dairy farms have now been established at both schools to provide for the daily milk requirement. The one in Chaparda has grown to 300 cows and Adhoi has 75 cows. Fresh pure milk is given to the children in both schools. Plans have been implemented at both centres to use the dung from cows to produce bio gas which can be bottled and used for cooking in the school kitchen.

Dairy farm established in Adhoi, Kutchh. Cost of building donated by a UK donor in memory of their grandparents, Rupaben and Zaverchand Mulji Nathoo Gada of Timbdi, India and Kitale, Kenya.

Animal Camp

In October 2005, an animal camp was held, where over 1000 animals were treated for all sorts of ailments by a team of Government veterinary surgeons. This is a free service provided by the local Government to advise on how best to develop strong and healthy livestock. A seminar was also held with the local farmers on how to establish best practice for milk production.

Veterinary Surgery

A Veterinary surgery has been constructed and put into operation at Chaparda, Junagadh. It will provide a veterinary doctor and a clinic to serve Visavadar Taluka. Over 50 villages in this Taluka will benefit from the clinic. The doctor has been provided with a motorcycle for him to serve the whole Taluka, as it is easier for him to travel to the sick or injured animal. Veterinary Surgery donated by several UK donors – £10,000.

Animals will now receive the necessary care and treatment when required. Treatment and medicine is supplied at a very nominal cost. If for any reason the farmer cannot afford the cost of medicine or treatment then it is given free of charge.

Cow Herds

Recently, another new project has been initiated to create healthy herds of cows. A stud farm has been initiated. The healthy calves are raised and distributed to the surrounding villages at a nominal cost. Over time it is hoped that a healthy herd is created all over this region, capable of giving a good yield of milk. Also it is important to note that all animals are fed the best available fodder and are treated fairly and with utmost respect.