Welcome to Brahmanand

Welcome to Brahmanand. Just twenty years ago, Chaparda in Visavadar Taluka of Junagadh District was an unknown village outside Visavadar. In a short period of time, Pujya Muktanandji, fondly known as Bapu, has come together with like-minded people to transform the area and affect real social change, with compassion at its core.

He has helped to transform the area by creating an educational centre in Chaparda. We believe that Education is the key to eradicating poverty. Education facilitates freedom by increasing the number of opportunities and choices available to individuals. The benefits of this are felt not only by the individual but also the family, community and indeed when 8000 children a year are given a meaningful education the effects are felt on a national level.

Our projects aim to follow through on our core objectives of supporting those that may be in need of a helping hand in life. They span across education, health, elderly, animals, environment, and disaster relief, and are located across Gujarat.

We look at finding holistic approaches to supporting communities of people. As the projects grow in size and number we hope that they have an increasingly wider reach, with the eventual goal of uplifting whole regions out of poverty and enabling them to move forward independently.

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