Catchment Area Dadaji – Vrudhashram – Chaparada

No District No. of Senior citizens
1 Junagadh 27
2 Mumbai 10
3 Amreli 16
4 Porbandar 03
5 Rajkot 12
6 Bhavanagar 05
7 Surat 07
8 Gir-somnath 08
9 Ahemdabad 05
10 Srinagar 02
11 other 03 Morbi, Mehsana , Jamnagar – one each
  Total 98

Castewise breakdown

No Caste No. of Senior citizens
1 Brahman 15
2 Pali 15
3 Darji 09
4 Vaniya 06
5 Lohana 05
6 Luhar 06
7 Ahir 04
8 Suthar 03
9 Bavaji 06
10 Mochi (Harijan) 04
11 Bagi 03
12 Soni 03
13 Darbar 04
14 Vanand 03
15 Kumbhar 04
16 Others 08
  Total 98

Education of Senior citizens

No Education No. of Senior citizens
1 Illiterate 43
2 Primary 37
3 Secondary 15
4 H.S.C.
5 Graduate 01
6 Post Graduate 02
  Total 98

Activity at Vrudhashram


Some seniors have a hobby of gardening. We have beautiful garden in front of the vrudhashram. The seniors who are interested in gardening enjoy nursing the plants and watering them.


Many seniors are literate and very much interested in reading religious books and magazines. Some of them visit school library and read in the library reading room and borrow books for reading in the vrudhashram.

Story Telling

Some seniors have deep and wide knowledge and experience of their life which they share with others by telling stories. They generally talk about religious and social happenings in life. The story time is generally in the evening.

Music and Bhajan

Generally, seniors after finishing tea and light refreshment in the evening sing bhajan and spiritual songs.

Listening Radio

Some seniors are very much interested in listening to news, songs, cricket commentary and others enjoy chatting with their friends.

Watching T.V.

After finishing their dinner at 8: 00pm, they watch TV programs like serials Ramayana, Mahabharata, Mahadeva etc. All the people enjoy this program very much.

Social Service.

Some energetic seniors help the other seniors in using toilet and bathroom. They also serve the food to those who are unable to go to mess. Some help in the kitchen and serve food in the mess. They are all happy & enjoy this.

Tour and Picnic.

The management of Vrudhashram arranges the holy trips for various places like Sattadhar, Guptprayag, Somanath, Pobandar, Dwarka, Haridwar etc. once or twice in the year. In 2019, our seniors visited the holy place of Haridwar. Both men and women were taken to this place of pilgrimage and they enjoyed the trip very much.

A Scene of Haridwar Tour.