Visually Challenged School

Visually Challenged School

Those who have never seen the many colours of life or the beautiful sights of our world, to make these visually challenged children self-sufficient and enable them vitally, “Pragna Chakshu Vidya Mandir” was established by BET in 2007 at Chaparda.

About 50 girls and boys from across Gujarat, who are visually challenged due to various reasons i.e. by birth, weak eyesight or cataracts since birth or childhood, coupled with absence of awareness, treatments and funds etc resulting in partial or complete blindness and loss of eyesight caused as a consequence of poor hygiene and awareness with simple eye infections, and so on.
These children live in the boarding school and are taken care of by 7 qualified staff members. Everything from education, board, vocational training and treatment is provided absolutely free of cost with the continuous support from BEHT and from donors across the world.

Various activities take place here for the children apart from academics and vocational training such as cultural programs, field trips, extra curriculum activities, competitions, etc.
Their results are remarkable both in the academic and in other fields winning various competitions like – braille, yoga, karate, dressing, music, cooking, sports etc. up to state level.
The setup includes specialised class rooms, sports ground, well equipped music room, library and a computer room.

These children nurtured in a loving and wholesome environment are growing up with motherly love and care in a harmonious atmosphere getting the upbringing which bestows the children with well-deserved dignity.

Here, the children become able to not only be self-sufficient but to shoulder the responsibilities of life with equal valour and grace as every normal child.