Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to fulfil Pujya Bapu’s vision

To explain:
If we take the first line, Pidito ne rahat aapo – meaning help those who are sick, injured and elderly. Under Health Aid Trust (HAT), Jay Ambe hospital was started in 2012 which is a multi-speciality hospital treating patients with all sorts of ailments free of charge. Only charge is for medicine. Under HTET, vrudh ashrams have been started in Gandhinagar, Mahenderda, Chaparda and Gupt Prayag for elderly people who have no one to look after them with about 350 elders benefitting.

Second line, Padela ne ubha karo – meaning lift those who have fallen down. Under Bhagvatinandji Education Trust (BET) banner, relief works were carried out in these disasters to get people back on their feet: in the Cyclone in Kutchh in 1999, Gujarat Earthquake in Kutchh in 2001, Tsunami in 2004 and Nepal Earthquake in 2015.

Third line, Ubhela ne gati aapo meaning those who are well, get them moving forward in life. Under BET, educational centres have been started in five locations as well as Anand Dhara, a social development programme for the villages in Visavadar Taluka. In total, about 8500 children are currently being educated with the help of BET,

Fourth line, Gati van ne sachi disha appo meaning those who are moving forward, show them the right direction. Under BET, several colleges have been started where young people can study and make good progress in life with right career guidance. Plans are in hand to introduce skill-based training courses soon in these colleges. Here, the hope is that with correct guidance and education, some of these students will become our future leaders.